Description of Forms/Requirements for Submission
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For Submission Prior to Program Implementation

Target number of children to be fed and date of implementation. Needs to be submitted to Hapag-Asa Secretariat (Assisi Development Foundation) after the Diocese/NGO/LGU is trained depending on the decision to push thru with the program.

Document formalizing the partnership of the diocese/NGO/LGU with Assisi Development Foundation (Hapag-Asa Secretariat). Should be submitted before the start of the feeding.

Four originally-signed copies should be forwarded to the Hapag-Asa Secretariat for final signing and notarization. Notarized copy will be then sent back to the implementing partner for their record purposes.

Listing of intended children to be fed with their pertinent information. Submitted before a feeding program is launched. Will be evaluated to assess the nutritional status of the children. Please complete the data needed so as not to delay evaluation of your master lists. If possible, kindly submit it through email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for faster evaluation. If indeed to be submitted through email, please accomplish the Excel Version since this is the format being used in the evaluation. To be accomplished by the Nutritional Assessment Group.

Note: For Pondo ng Pinoy Dioceses, master lists need to be submitted simultaneously to Pondo ng Pinoy Office and Hapag-Asa Secretariat.

If feeding of underweight pregnant and/or lactating women is intended, this is the form to be filled-up and submitted. Feeding of pregnant/lactating women is not compulsory. To be accomplished by the Nutritional Assessment Group.

To assist you in screening your pregnant women, you may use the pregnant evaluation template based on the Department of Health's suggested maternal weight gain during pregnancy.



For Submission During Program Implementation

Submitted every month to Hapag-Asa Secretariat so as to know the progress of the kids enrolled in the program. Please just indicate the exact month and day when the kids are weighed. To be accomplished by the Nutritional Assessment Group.

If your beneficiaries for the feeding include underweight pregnant and lactating women, monthly weight is also needed to be monitored. This form will also have to be submitted monthly. To be accomplished by the Nutritional Assessment Group.

Report on the education classes and livelihood activities of parents. Submitted monthly, to be accomplished by Education and Support Services Group.

  • Forms 10A, 10B and 10C – Pondo ng Pinoy Dioceses’ Monthly Budget and Food Supplement Request and Liquidation Report

Consolidated monthly budget and food supplement request and liquidation report for Pondo ng Pinoy Dioceses. Need to be submitted to Hapag-Asa Secretariat every 15th of the month. To be accomplished by the Diocesan Coordinator with the Food Preparation Group.

  • Form 11A and 11B – Food Supplement Request and Liquidation Report (for other Dioceses/LGUs/NGOs)

For non-Pondo ng Pinoy member partners, this form to be accomplished and submitted to Hapag-Asa Secretariat for the Food Supplement allocation. Report should be a consolidation of all the parishes/schools/sites being covered by the partner. To be accomplished by the Overall Coordinator with the Food Preparation Group.

Guideline for preparation of Children’s photo stories required for submission every 3 months. Two to three children should be documented with a photo story and submitted to the Secretariat for submission to food supplement donors.


For Submission After Program Implementation

Final summary report/documentation of the program implementation. To be submitted with the before and after photo of the children.

Barangay Certificate is one of the requirement of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for purposes of NGO recognition. You may use the given template for requesting Barangay Certificates from sites where feeding is being implemented or had been implemented. Submitted once for each feeding batch. May be submitted after a feeding batch has ended or during the feeding.

The Certification could also be issued by the Municipality/City Mayor or other institution head (such as Parish Priest, NGO Head etc.) but should be duly notarized.